Sign of the bfly

Sign of the bfly
Copyright 1989-2017
Original Broadcast Date: June 1, 2016 2:38 PM


See it?

A butterfly flies around.

It’s so odd because when I get to worrying and getting really sad that’s what happens. A butterfly will fly overhead and remind me of the HOPE I’m supposed to have. No one ever said being a Christian is easy, it’s not. A matter fact you become a target. Why would anyone want to be a Christian then? Well for the obvious reasons, it’s a gateway to paradise for ever and ever. but then I have to believe in something bigger and better than myself. There has to be something better than this god forsaken world. This cant be “it”. Its so noisy…here let’s go here.

I think it landed some place huh? But isn’t that odd? We were just alking about her and praying for her and then a butterfly a real beautiful big Monarch flies overhead…Im like why? How is this happening all the time? I dont know. I need some kind of hope though. The Sign of the Bfly.

They need to get rid of the bad people, that’s the problem.

bfly you’re not part of the problem, im seeing that. there’s nothing i can do. i hope you’re ok. i dont know if you’re ok. So we’ll try dropping off our stuff tomorrow or Thursday that’s all we can do.


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