The Night Pride Sunk a Ship

The Night Pride Sunk A Ship 4-21-16 26:35


That was pretty profound, that was pretty scary. If I read that correctly they were gonna use that for the video game. What do you think about that?

Depends if it’s free or not. Even then it’s still kinda strange.

Yeah…I know. I mean, I’m fascinated by it. Who isn’t? That’s a huge ship that went down and you know…but making money off things like that, that’s somebody’s death and somebody’s horror. Like that whole 911 thing and probably it’s not gonna pick up the light well…little better. You ok?

Yeah…we can switch out and I can hold it too. Yeah, I just have a problem with making money off of something like that. don’t you?


It should be sacred.


And it’s not like they can give money to the victims families, or something cause I think a lot of them have come and gone so what is the point of it all then? It just seems kinda odd. And if they’re making a video game I dont undestand that, to me that doesn’t seem right. I think that’s what I read, maybe I have to read it again cause I might have misunderstood that completely. But let the dead bury the dead. It means let it rest, the dead are dead let that stay, keep it sacred.

Let’s see. I’m not sure if anyone knows why that happened with the boat sinking. As far as I could tell it was about, they decided they wanted to try to make headlines and they pushed the boat too fast and then they couldn’t slow down and they hit the iceberg. And the next problem was they were not set up to deal with a situation like that. They didn’t have enough lifeboats because they wanted to fit more people or something.

well they didn’t want to take up room and …. vanity. They wanted it to look prettier and I dont get it. We watched the video, we couldn’t watch the whole thing. Kinda skipped a little here and there. But it gets a little dicey around an hour and 50 minutes-ish. It’s interesting because you can watch it on the outside and it looks very calm and peaceful. As opposed to what James Cameron did with the film. Right? He made that whip right out there within 45-50 mintues and it actually took about 2.5 hours for the whole sinking process. And it looks so placid and calm and there’s like hundreds thousands, like 15/1600 lives that are trapped or not allowed to escape and
from the outside it looks so different and you dont see what’s going on on the inside. All the turmoil. So they cut to the inside, they didnt see the dinning room and the grand staircase fill up with the water and Im like wow, so much tragedy happening on the inside which reminds me of a special little bfly friend. What she puts up on the outside versus what’s going on on the inside could be totally different.


But dont sink bfly. Use this as an anology. Watch it, especially the last half an hour or so. You can skip a little bit. The last ten minutes definitely watch because that’s it was talking about imploding. You can hear it sinking apparently. Even after you couldn’t see it on the surface any more sinking into oblivion and darkness ….bfly that’s not where you’re supposed to go…a life preserver weird how this kinda came full circle-ish tonight. Full circle huh?…sorry. Im dropping the hints now.  I saw that today which they obviously got. you got them watching my video hinting at the full circle to you. go it…the circle is not that, circle–not done it hasn’t come full circle yet. There’s this big gaping whole. They only person that’s gonna bring this full circle is JC and that hasn’t happened yet. Just fyi. But me too in my carnal sense it all ,,,not even full circle, not even finished yet. Too much undone unsaid.

Ok so anyway, getting back to the Titanic thing, this is just an amazing video but if it’s used for gain profit and stuff, I have a problem with that. I think it’s an ethics thing, I dont think that people should be allowed to do, to do that; make profit off of somebody’s death and tragedy like that. I’m like that’s wrong…don’t you think?


But it’s really interesting to see how intenese it was getting inside from the outside, it slowly sinks from the outside. People can slowly witness it. And it’s like a drowning. You know when you were drowning it was very peaceful, no splashing, no sounds, if I didn’t say anything, you would’ve died. I would’ve jumped in and got you somehow, I don’t care if it even cost me my life, I would’ve gotten you. But it was so peaceful….and um…it was just so amazing. It’s the drowning of a ship. And it was pride that sunk the ship. Im so convinced of it, you guys might have a difference of opinions, which is fine and it’s all pretty much valid. But looking at the facts, looking at the eye witnesses, the testimonies
and the people who created this ship, and the money. It’s always about the f’n money. Which reminds me of a certain other place.


Lives, 1500 lives were lost because they were worried about something else other than human life. They wanted to look good, the elites, elitism. I love how Cameron took that opportunity to talk about the social classes and the discrepancies and everything. It’s always the elitists seems like ends up killing people. You notice that? Yeah, yeah….What is that saying?

It says they’re crazy.

They’re prideful. Very prideful. Before L. fell he went insane. he thought he was better than god. and he went crazy. So you know…there’s a problem there. All sin in humanity mimics the pride of S. and is downfall and his sin and his arrogance, his all of it, his greed his lust his want. Anybody that follows god mimics the fruit of the spirit good godly traits. But yeah, I think it was the sin of pride that sunk that ship…the sin of pride. Obviously it was not a good thing who could say it was. Some say it was human error, no let’s call a spade a spade, it was pride it was sin, greed too big time greed. People want money, want money, want money. Well what would you do? Would you do this? Most of us I would hope would say no. What would you do? And would you cost people’s lives? Yeah..Would you build a house out of glass in earthquake country and maybe cut some corners, knowing that maybe their children, elderly, whoever, maybe you have a big house, maybe it’s a community house.


Themselves, thinking oh pretty, pretty, pretty, oh we can make these cuts, short cuts, you know, shave off some of the money and the expenses. Sure that’s being wise with your budget, thinking Ah even god cant sink this ship even god cant bring this building down. That’s what the people who built the Titanic thought. That’s what a lot of people thought with a lot of other things in our humanness in our world. And what happened, they were brought down, pride, why does everything have to be big. who says big is better?

All they had to blame were themselves. They decided to do it, and they asked for it.

Yeah they directly or indirectly murdered 1500 people, manslaughter people. Law suit-many. Too big a ship too small a rudder. They cut corners, saved money, get it faster. Well you’re not going to be able to stop this ship if it’s going that fast. Why build houses built of glass in earthquake country. Bfly pay attention. It is not wise. Brick …. the way it’s made. You’re turn… you know this consussion that I have, because I was trying so hard to be a team player today, I put my head down because of that it’s just shifted everything and my brain just…sigh…it’s very painful.

So yeah…let’s get comfortable. We’re just getting too hot. A nighttime butterfly. It’s a moth lol. Even the moths follow me it doesn’t fail lol.

So it’s very important for us to reflect on our history and our past. Because we cannot learn unless we stop and look. Ok so this video will hopefully serve that purpose. But I know people in modern day time and everything, they’re still building houses out of glass, they’re still trying to build the bigger better machine or whatever and then people die and then they’re suprised. Pride. It doesn’t need to big to be better. Who’s saying big is better. I dont understand this concept. You know? I mean, let’s roll it back a little bit. We have a huge vehicle, why? Because your dad was in an accident and it screwed up his spine and we’re like never again are we gonna have a small enough vehicle to screw us over physically. That’s rational, it’s protection. That makes sense. It’s not like we bought a L. which T. does the same thing. Im not saying if you buy all these things it’s bad, but you know, we saved money, it was frugal but we get the same thing if not better because these are very very safe vehicles.  T’s. they’re wonderful. You know, so, it’s safe. my poor little head lol…it’s beating me up lol. But um, but it kept us safe, right? So we weren’t buying it to be boastful or to be…we could’ve gotten a Hum. I think that would’ve been a mistake. We had the money we could’ve done that but we decided let’s just be humble, let’s be safe, we checked all the crash test ratings, and we thought this through very carefully. Now we were concerned about safety. That was the number one thing. Safety. It wasn’t all about the sports car, I mean we could’ve gotten whatever we wanted at that time, right? It wasn’t about that. It was totally about safety we were making wise choices, it looks cute, I mean it’s nice, I like it. Pain in the rear end to park but you know, cool, right? That was not happening with the RMS T. at all. Obviously because they have different classes; poor people you go down with the sewer rats, the rich people you can go here. hold on it’s not catching the light.

Classes…so obviously it wasn’t about getting people transported from one place to another. It was about showing off. It wasn’t about protecting, it wasn’t about — it was just done for the wrong reasons. And one thing led to another which led to another…and it was a catastrophe. 1300/1500 people — a lot of people died. I mean that’s catachlismic. It’s very 911 – esque. It’s another thing with the big  buildings, why do we need that. I dont understand the necessity. Well, LI, Man, everything is built up. There’s no place to build out. We save room that way. Could we and can we do certain things, sure. BUt should we needs to be in play, right? Am I asking the right question and phrasing it the right way? Yes. Can we … well sure we can build a tower from here until up we wanna do, g put that down the tower of b. check it out. Read the bible right? Could we? Can we? well g even deemed it, yeah you guys can do anything you want obviousy. We have great minds, we’re over achievers, we work hard. Always have to ask, should we? yeah. We can go into outter space, cool but should we? We could do “this” but should we? Count the cost before you leap. What are possible consequences and then sometimes things happen and we can’t imagine what would happen, you know? You can only do so much but when you are knowingly cutting your budget, being greedy, being mindless, being someone who’s not thinking about other people catastrophe happens. On a smaller scale/larger scale, there’s everything in between too. What are your thoughts?

They were foolish. And people are just going to do the same thing over and over.

Why do you think this happens? Why dont we learn?

I dont know. sinful people? That’s all.


I just dont know and I’ve made mistakes too but…glass houses, I’m telling you. When I first heard Im thinking this isn’t going to go down well. Beautiful, intelligent, creative, lovely in everway, visual eye candy. But let’s stop and think, earthquake country, is it really worth it to test the gods, nature, or whatever you want to call it, is it really wise? I dont think so. I dont know if this actually happened, but JC put it in the Titanic movie “even god himself cannot sink this ship.” then later on that came full circle by that other guy saying, “She’s made of iron sir, I assure you, she will sink.” Right to  the bottom. You wanna build glass houses, live in glass houses in earthquake country. Not you… lol…you like “se” in Spanish, it means collective/generally speaking. You meaning general not specifically person. I gave a heads up I personally warned. An Im like that’s not smart, dont do it. Oh but it passes this inspection/that inspection. And Im like ok. All these other buildings & freeways that came down passed inspections too. Are earthquakes changing? No, So you made structures safer and safer, that’s not the only thing you gotta worry about here. I dont know how else to explain it, I dont know how else to help with that. You can only do so much with that, right? But why is it that people they lust after money, they lust after position, and they dont care whom they hurt to do whatever it is they gotta do?

I dont know.

And then greed. A justification has to happen in somebody’s head to make this stuff ok. It has to. Oh no, it’ll be ok, oh no that’ll never happen, and it does. It might not happen right away, it may take a long time, but it does happen. And it’s unfortunate, tragic and sad, and innocent lives are lost or harmed. People really really need to wake up here what’s going on. Bfly be careful. I dont know what else it is that you may have gotten yourself trapped in, but maybe my words come 15-20 years too late, that’s nobody’s fault, I certainly dont have anything to be blaming myself for but maybe the watchman came too late or look back maybe there were others that came before me that said before for you too may be on a sinking ship. Very appropriate that we found this on the searches. It was just so random.


You were so insightful before and you had so much to say. And now you dont say anything.

I thought I said everything.

No there was something else. You were really on a roll. You had grapsed something I never thought of before with this and Im tyring to remember what it was and I’m trying to help you remember.

If they had not been prideful or if they had not pushed the ship to go faster, or if they had done at least one thing right all of that would not have happened.

Yeah…one thing.

Any one thing.

Same thing with the glass houses, if they would’ve done just one thing right. Personally,
I’d rather go for safety than aestetics Or headlines, or whatever else it is they think. Pray for the innocent what else can we do. All right Im hungry let’s go get food.

Sending the love. Goodnight.


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