Trophy Rack of Evil

Trophy Rack of Evil 11-25-15


What I just posted is an excerpt that was deleted from the film Alien. When was that 78
late 70s early 80s. Our favorite Sigourney Weaver is the survior, the sole survivor of this film and as you know she goes on to have many more adventures if you want to call it that with the Xenomorph aliens and the whole corruption of the company it’s very intriguing stuff. But you know art and this expression of corporate america and even things that go along in the school systems, businesses, other work places, it’s pretty much what happens, it’s all corrupt somewhere somehow, it’s not perfect.

What I find interesting is what I found out and what I see in this particular scene I think there are a myriad of things that can remind us of something. To me that entire wall cause what it is: she’s on the floor standing, then up higher along the whole perimeter of the wall is the Xenomorph secretion and essentially cocoons that embody these human beings. These cocoons hold — it’s like sautering, instead of being metal on metal it’s like organic substance on organic substance holding them against the wall.

It’s like to me a rack. There are gun racks, trophy racks, award racks, there are so many kinds of racks, costume racks. To me this is a trophy rack. Not necessarily a good thing and these are my accomplishments. It’s flipped around to be the enemy and the “bad guys” accomplishments. See how a trophy rack can be for good or bad either way. Ok bare with me. So we have a trophy rack of people all along the wall.  Kinda creepy. Beautiful in its own way because if you look at Gieger’s artistry, he created the Xenomorph and all the intricasies about how it was shaped. it’s very beautiful but it’s evil.

Evil can be beautiful but not really. Because can evil be really beautiful? I look at the shapes and the shapes have an aestetic that’s appealing but it’s so macarbe but yet it’s beautiful but because of the  underlying statement, I don’t know if beauty is the right word to use for it. I don’t know if evil deserves that word beauty to describe it. But I think you know what I’m trying to say. SO we have this symbolism there but all along that wall are human beings that were used facilitated as hosts. THose who don’t understand the Alien film or have never seen it, I find it hard to believe but there are people who haven’t seen it, I get it it’s very dark and grim, it’s kinda scary. I have a hard time watching it now.

But the whole thing about the Xenomorph, they would find human bodies to act as hosts to impregnate the human’ being with more offspring. It’s sick and demented and you give birth by having this thing sprout out from your chest–bursts open. A very painful way to go granted and pretty dark and twisted but a great film.  So now this trophy rack, let’s drive it home, sure it’s a sci-fi movie, but don’t you understand? What do we do to one another and we are trying to climb the ladder of success? Well we can do it honorably, meaning we don’t tear people down, we work in collaborative efforts and we help one another within reason, I mean you don’t want to sign away everything
you’ve paid for and you worked for but within reason, at least try not to purposely destroy people. That’s kind uncool.

So if you have this trophy rack and you have people climbing the ladder you also have people who are willing to sell their souls in the process. My asking price is this. Let’s just say your asking price is throwing them under the bus. Meaning you’ll lie about them, you’ll cheat, steal, whatever, against this one person. then you’ll go to somebody who is an authority over both you and that other person. One of the tactics to win is to be honorable and work hard and dont compete against that other person you just do your own thing, mind your own business work hard. Another way For those who don’t have skill or security within themselves, they will start to straw man this person, lie about this other person because they see this person as competition and as a threat. A lot of times More often than not that person will be gotten rid off. (flip off accident)

So you knock off this person and then the disresepctful person still stands because the person in authority is charmed or maybe they’re like that too. You have to have a really good leader to see through the b.s. I saw what you did I’m not going to tolerate it. Ive had people in my own dance company pull that with me or try to Im like, I caught you–no. I’m about being reputable I;m about being dont try to pull a fast one over on me either. People play these games. People within my own company. Im not saying the dancers I have now, this is a while back. so, You have to be savvy.

I dont want people kissing my rear end and if people start playing these games with other people I step in I call they right out on the spot. That’s not going to work. I document everything and it goes to my board. so I wanna have a reputation of being integral some people dont want to have that reputation. And some people think they can get further quicker by doing it that way. No you wont. You might shoot up but somebody who is not gonna tollerate that crap is gonna shoot you down. so what happens is we have people that are not integral become part of this trophy rack on the wall when they sell their souls. The person who just sold out this one person,  doesn’t realize they’re climbing up a ladder, oh yeah, but they’re putting themselves up on that trophy wall.
When you do something that is evil and not integral that is what you’re doing, you’re selling your soul out and you’re gonna get caught.

It might take you a little while but you’re gonna come up against somebody who’s not gonna tollerate that stuff or you’re gonna come up against somebody who really wants to stay number one and they’re not integral at all and they will cut that other person down. So you get to a point when you’re climbing that ladder where you get tired of treating people that way or people are playing the game better than you and you’re screwed. So what do you do? The thing is: What is your salvation at that point? In the Aliens films, it was Ripley killing everybody. Which is sad. Putting them out of their misery. They were already dying. and she didn’t want to see them tortured. Did you see her face? She was so upset, she didn’t want to do that. It was a beautiful scene and they had to cut it out because it was too long but what a beautiful arc that her character had there. A what a beautiful insight and depth that was brough to Ripley. And showed her femininity,
and it showed her strength and it showed her courage and it showed her conflict it was so beautiful.

It was only 4 minutes but 4 mintues can really slow down the pace of a film. So I get why they cut it out had to make decisions like that before too. And you just put it on the dvd extended scenes and at least it’s still preserved it’s still your artistry right? So now we have this wall with all these people that are lined up that are cocooned and they
will meet their demise and their end, but do you see every time you give somebody something that is evil, you end up on their wall cocooned. Destined for horrible things to happen. Never sell yourself out like that ever. If people are doing good helping them, that’s a different story, that’s a good trophy rack.

And you’re not going to be lined up there getting ready to be disintegrated piece by piece with a very painful death ending up like these characters had. You’re going to be up on the trophy wall on a mantle to hold and fascilitate glory, and honor, and love, and peace, and not decrepitness, and evil deeds, and lying, and cheating and stealing. So you have 2 trophy racks, one that glorifies and one that destroys. It’s best to choose the one that glorifies because it lifts up the entire wall and make the other trophies look more beautiful. The one that’s filled with decay and demise brings everything down. Evil begets evil; good begets good. And when the two conflict, like so, good will always win.

It might not win that moment, there might be several skirmishes or battles in order to win the war, but it will win ultimately. There is justice. always justice, it brings everything back to center. SOme people just give in, I’m no good, this is just me, I’m here. And I have to say, do you realize what you’re saying? You’re resigning to the fact that you think you’re evil and bad and you deserve to be on this wall, this trophy rack for evil – no! A pure repentent beautiful heart will get you off of that evil trophy rack and bring you a immediately here. There’s a chasm between the two. And it’s grace.

It’s grace. Between this wall which is evil and this wall which is good. There’s a chasm and you walk along the chasm and it’s grace. It’s covered for you. It is the only way. It’s grace. That is how we get saved. And then once you’re here, on this trophy rack there is never going back. You are always eternally here. So, you can apply this whole thing that I said on a spiritual level, a physical level, metaphoric level, you can apply to business structures you can apply it to pretty much anything, anything you want. It’s in a section
an excerpt in one of my books.

It’s copyright (protected) I have to clarify that because all of a sudden
people say, “OOOh I like that. Let me take that and steal from her.” I have people stealing my ideas all the time and my actual words and things from things that are published. It’s hilarious when I get to get an attorney to write them a letter and say “Excuse me?” So you know don’t do it, I will nab you on that because I worked hard for this. God entrusted me with this not you. If He had something to say to you, he’s gonna say it to you and it’s not gonna reflect me, it’s gonna reflect you. I have a teacher who actually thinks that she came up with certain stories You’re repeating a story from my life and you’re trying to act like it’s yours; a little crazy. This person already put themselves on up on this trophy rack. They need to walk the line of grace. They don’t deserve this trophy rack, they deserve this one. THe one with goodness, and light, and peace, and patience, and love, and respect, truth, honesty. This one will only lead to demise.

And that is the thing about the law of nature. Evil begets evil and good begets good. What happens on the side of evil; you have all these people who are on this side they’re still tearing each other down even while they’re dying. They want to survive. They want to live. They don’t want to be disintegrated even though that they know they’re going to be. These pepole here, they have life and they will live. And they help lift each other up and they grow, and they grow, and they grow. The light gets bigger. And here, there is no light and it gets darker, and darker, and darker because it’s void of any goodness. I mean why do you think that goodness is always affiliated with things that are light? And evil is always affiliated with things of darkness? Can you think of anything about the trophy rack because you had some good insigt?

Injury that keeps on giving. It’s much improved on other days but not today. Sorry guys, it’s just the reality of a dancer that is injured. Anyhow, but do you understand what I am saying. I hope so. I don’t want to say enjoy the clip because of how I of how I present my ideas that I got from it, but do enjoy the clip because there’s so much beauty you can find. Look at Ripley’s character and the nobility of it; there’s a love relationship between her and Dallas. Dallas is the captain. Isn’t that Tom Skerrit? I forget. It just really hurts sometimes. Take what you can from it, but find beauty in it. I found some beauty in it. But there’s also some horror in it and that’s the way it’s gonna be in this world until this
world passes, right? If you have any questions about of why and how I came up with this, or if you wanna buy my book, I’m gonna have it re-issued probably next year or the year after–soon. I just think people, a new generation of people would get a lot from it. If I think of anything else I’ll make another video. That’s all-thanks. Bye.



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