Business Decisions

Business Decisions
Copyright 2017 – Written by Noelle Rose Andressen

While there may never be absolute perfect times to make the transition quitting your day job, you will help enable your success by having 6 months to a year’s worth of of your income from your job saved in a separate bank account. You can then withdraw from this account when necessary to keep your income from experiencing a sudden drop. This will help lessen the financial strain until your entrepreneurial venture begins to bring in what you were making at your desk job.
When I was transitioning from my administrative job to my own business, Rubans Rouges Dance, I had concerns about how long it would take for it to become self sustaining. When planning this transition with my husband, he and I both decided that saving 6 months of savings would be appropriate for our situation and that I would also be teaching dance classes part time to help supplement our income. Teaching was in a field that I loved and was very related to my business as well. This way if my business didn’t take off as quickly as I desired, I could always fall back on teaching with more hours and not have to do a desk job.
Since my business is a creative venture and a business not based on consumer “need” but “want”, I had to learn how to market it properly. I do believe businesses based on things consumers need is a little less challenging as far as marketing goes. What worked for me was researching the field of the arts and understanding what I wanted to do as a goal. I wanted to be able to reach an audience so through our performances we were able to touch people’s hearts and our audience grew.
#1 Don’t be afraid.
It kept me from being timid and created a security in me to know that I didn’t have to second guess myself.

#2 Wait for the right timing – This will never come
There is never a right time that will come along, you have to actively create it and make it happen. We can’t possibly guarantee the future but we can make wise decisions to help us lead to success. If I would’ve listened to the “wait” advice, I’d still be waiting.
The greatest misconception about the timing is that it’ll be a smooth transition. That you’ll have immense bliss and freedom from the 9-5 grind. Having your own business often entails longer hours and there’s more dedication required. This can make for a challenging transition and could cause tension in the home. Having your own business is a lot of work and as long as you’re prepared for the reality of that, you can make your transition happen.

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