Do Less Days

Do Less Days
Copyright 2017 – Written by Noelle Rose Andressen

Yes I can relate, as I tend to be an ambitious and very focused worker. I had to slow down and once a week I have my Do Less Days. After surviving breast cancer I needed to find a way to employ self care methods. At first it was challenging because I like to keep busy but I knew I had to balance productivity and longevity. My life expectancy because of the past cancer depends on much self-care and peacefulness. One my Do Less Days I don’t work on my company Rubans Rouges Dance at all. Instead I practice yoga, pranayama (breathing), coloring and have calming music in the background. I avoid all technology and social media and I eat all fresh foods.  I realized that after surviving cancer, I needed to make serious life changes, I want to be a strong example for my son and be around for him during his growth. I think as women since we are able to do and be many things, we forget that we are important too.

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