Molding Business Structure

Molding Business Structure
Copyright 2017 – Written by Noelle Rose Andressen

We have an expert team on internships and our programs. While we are performing arts in nature, we still have to follow a solid business structure to maintain professionalism and respect.
To give you some brief tips:
1. Molding. We look for ambitious yet mold-able candidates. It is challenging to have a potential intern be successful in our program(s) if they do not have the willingness to learn. We advise new incoming to retain what they may have learned elsewhere but be receptive to our way of processing. We have a code of conduct that they must abide by that spells out what we expect of them.
2. Leveling Up. We developed several levels of internships that are bi-coastal. We realize that people come to us with prior knowledge and some with very little. For interns to get the most out of their program, we have them take a survey. This survey assists us with level placement.
3. Diversity. This is a must. Our programs successes are based on many things, diversity is key. In the climate of promoting not only equality, we realize that people are not cookie cutter humans. We promote acceptance and learning about one another’s backgrounds. Monthly, we facilitate a full company get together which give our employees, staff, volunteers, and interns an opportunity to share their diversity in the form of art & culture.

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