My Name is

My Name is
Copyright 2017 – Written by Noelle Rose Andressen

“My name is Noelle Rose Andressen. I am a legally blind, contemporary ballet dancer with early on-set glaucoma. While I have overcome many trials including breast cancer, I found the most challenging to overcome was my past: being sexually molested as a child. (43)
To help myself and others heal, in 2008 I began creating the “Red Ribbons” dances that depicted my story of what I suffered. It felt uncomfortable to be raw, real, and uncensored in presenting my truth but I had to be honest with myself and not sugar coat the facts. (50)
I risked my reputation on many levels as sometimes people shun or falsely shame sexual abuse victims. I decided to show courage and change how sex abuse victims were seen and performed my dances to show that there is no shame on the victim, it is the abuser that should bare the shame. (53)
In 2009, I performed on many stages the story and how I overcame. One night after I’d performed, a woman cried in my arms. She thanked me for having the fortitude to say in dance what she could never say with words. Her honesty caused me to persevere. (48)
Over the years many have thanked me for sharing my dances with an audience. I realized I was making a difference in other’s lives and I grew in confidence. I didn’t feel shame about what had happened to me any longer. (41)
This Rose is no longer silent. I have bloomed. Since I persevered, I have received respect for my hard work all these years. My cry for children and women to be treated right is no longer silent. Whatever it is you desire to do, I advise others to not remain silent so they can bloom too.”

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