Real Life Healing Experiences

Real Life Healing Experiences
Copyright 2017 – Written by Noelle Rose Andressen

We incorporate self help with performing arts to give audiences real life healing experiences. I’m Jay and I am writing Miss Andressen’s words on her behalf. If you need more information please let us know. Hope this helps:
“I have been an author and performer for the self help field with our company for ten years. We are not only a performing arts company as we take it to a new level of experience and healing through our outreaches and performances.
Our company creates dance performances about many subjects that our society manages: cancer, women’s rights & empowerment, addictions, life struggles, abuse, etc. These types of our performances are community outreaches called: DanceWarrior. We create a fully immersive and experiential program that helps others help themselves while being entertained.
After the show we have meet and greet sessions where the audience can give feedback and exchange ideas. Most often what occurs: people open up for the first time that they too have been suffering something similar to what we danced about. We then point them in a direction to get further help. It’s like we opened the door for them to self healing. They often buy my self help books that talk deeper and further about my personal experiences.”

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