Rubans Rouges (roo ‘bon rooj), French for Red Ribbons founded in 2009 by dancer and choreographer: Noelle Rose Andressen.

Ms Andressen merged her two artistic passions: dance & film on stage and screen with her contemporary modern ballet dance company to develop a breakthrough piece: “Shattered Innocence (Red Ribbons)”. From there she has developed dance performance pieces with passion and theatrical artistry that explore the human condition through narrative story lines.

The spirit of Rubans Rouges can be seen in the lavish use of provocative set design & lighting schemes, high-fashion costume design and the artistic applications of scenery and props. The desire is to have dance pieces of high artistic value, and also be entirely accessible and enjoyable to the audience.

The music of Rubans Rouges Dance is skillfully crafted by her husband Kristopher, an Emmy nominated composer. His score is the beautiful emotional tapestry in which the dancers move to.

Mission: To have each audience member connect on several different levels to these creations; the mind to understand the intent and get you to think, the heart to feel the depths of the emotional content and heal, and the soul to be ennobled to new enriching heights of creativity. Highly supportive of helping other artists and reciprocating to further share performance venues in a non-competitive atmosphere that cultivates community and camaraderie internationally. Based in NYC, LA, and Europe.

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